Confessions of a Yarn Addict

Last summer my knitting needles surfaced from the deep cavern of the storage room and I started a new project after quite a handwork dry spell.  I promised myself that I would only work on one project for my hope chest at a time.  This was an outright lie – a fabrication from the mind of an addict of all things handmade and beautiful.

Oh, I’ve tried to be careful.  My hope chest projects had to be nearly finished before I could get supplies for the next, and I did pretty darn good that way for quite a while, at least for a month or two.  But one day I was mailed a thrifty coupon, so I decided to ask my husband to stop at the craft store for me on his way home.  Saving money on something I would be buying in another week is good, right?  Sending a guy into the craft store to keep me out of it is smart, right?  I told him exactly what I wanted, and he purchased that ONE item with the hallelujah coupon of savings.  But the clerk pulled me in a little deeper by handing back a receipt with yet another thrifty coupon attached.  It stands to reason that those potential savings should not “go to waste”, and so the next week I personally returned to the store for just one more item.  And then, once more.  And…  I was hooked.  In the space of about three months I had filled a small plastic bin with yarn of different colors and weights, enough yarn and fabric for a dozen projects.  And I have to confess: my prayer shawl still isn’t finished, and isn’t likely to be any time soon.

The craft store ad is now delivered to my smart phone and, I swear, somehow it’s permeated with crafty pheromones because it sucks me in to thinking about that purveyor of all things soft and yarny.  But I’ve been strong and not gone into that store for weeks now.  I have resisted with vigor!

Today they got to me again.  The thrifty coupon was for 50% savings on one item, and I knew just what that one item would be – a nice big skein of all occasion white crochet cotton, and that coupon would save me five smackers.  It was a worthwhile savings, worth the potential risk of tempting myself to make additional purchases.  I was thinking about all the little knitted dish cloth patterns yearning to become reality in my cedar hope chest and/or linen closet.  I would be strong!  I would look neither to the right, nor to the left.  I would march myself into the store, head down, focusing only on the floor tiles all the way to the back corner where the…. paradise of yarn aisles are… with no basket and certainly no cart, and get out of that store in less than three minutes with my ONE ITEM.

Except the craft store was having a sale on the one thing that is my downfall, my Achilles’ heel – a Sugar ‘N Cream crochet cotton sale.  An I can save how much? kind of a sale.   A sale with “Best Price of the Year!” tags on each shelf of amazingly colored balls of potential knitted projects of the hope chest kind.

IMG_7979I am ashamed to say that I went right for a full sized cart, not even attempting to limit myself with a hand basket.  I picked out a dozen lovely balls of yarn at $0.97 each.  And then I walked past the clearance rack and got even more yarn at low, low, low prices.  The clerk commended me for my purchases.  She said, “Yarn on sale doesn’t count.”  And, “Your husband would expect you to buy more.  You have shown great restraint.”  All in all, $29 worth of colored string was clutched in two large bags as I darted from the store.

Unfortunately, the craft store is right next to the thrift store, which is my all time favorite place to shop.  Still cresting the wave of enthusiastic purchasing, I spent another hour in being thrifty and spent another $14.50.

I showed the yarn to my husband and he asked why I didn’t get more.  I still have another 50% coupon and I will be driving past the store again tomorrow.  What can I say?  The crusade for a bountiful hope chest pushes me to great lengths.  My hope chest made me do it.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Oh so true! I know just what you are talking about. I think we are both very lucky in the husband department! Congratulations on your great deals and I’ll look forward to seeing the projects.

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