Crocheted Hanging Kitchen Towel

My mother recently asked if I could make her a new crocheted hanging kitchen towel as hers is looking worn.  These are such handy little towels, and so easy to make!  You can hang them on the oven door, the fridge handle, or from a towel bar or cupboard handle.  You can even hang them from a hook.  They are great for keeping your towel neatly hanging and off of the kitchen floor!  I think my hope chest and linen closet will not be complete without a few of these for myself.

Since my crocheting skills still place me in the skill level of a rank amateur, I have provided you with some links to tutorials for creating a crocheted towel topper.  You can whip up two or ten of these to make your kitchen oh so stylish this week.

  • I really liked the step-by-step tutorial with photos at  She suggests hand sewing a blanket stitch across the top of the towel with a needle as an option to poking holes in the towel, which I understand is the most difficult part of creating a crocheted towel topper on the kitchen towel of your choice.
  • also gives easy to follow instructions for a crocheted towel topper here.
  • notes that you may choose to attach the crocheted topper to the kitchen towel with needle and thread after creating the buttoned hanger portion with yarn.
knitted kitchen towel hanger with button

knitted kitchen towel hanger with button – photo courtesy gives another great idea for creating a crocheted hanging kitchen towel here.  Harlean says, “My version is different from most since I don’t cut the kitchen towel in half, but fold it and use the whole towel. I use a bead from the old beaded car seats. However, you may use a large button just as easily.”

  • Finally, I found a free pattern for a knitted version of a kitchen towel hanger at   This version is not attached to the towel itself.  It is a hanger with a loop to put a tea towel through.  Isn’t this cute?
crocheted kitchen towel topper - Christmas and Snowflakes

crocheted kitchen towel topper – Christmas and Snowflakes



My local craft store was bubbling with Christmas-themed yarn with super clearance prices last week!  Isn’t this a fun specialty yarn?  The little sparkle thread caught my eye.  Yes, it’s a little out of season, but being thrifty is important to me, and so clearance prices are very good things, in my opinion.

I put together a Pinterest board of some different crocheted towel toppers to spark more ideas.  You can view it here.

Here is my version of a crocheted towel topper on a cute snowflake kitchen towel.  I hope mom likes it!

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