Do you use Doilies?

The other day JB brought me home some flowers, “just because”.  I think those are the best kind.  Also best are when he rescues them from the clearance basket a few hours before they become trash, so they only cost something like $5.

cedar scented dreams

Our petite dining room table doesn’t have much room for a centerpiece but these roses look right at home and happy to be making me happy.  Our two-year-old toddler likes to push his nose right up against them and SNIFF until the petals are suctioned against his nostrils.

My dreams of a happy marriage weren’t sufficiently detailed to include gifts of flowers, but I certainly enjoy how JB shows his love for me. He ROCKS a good “honey I’m home” bouquet!  Flowers and yarn, they live on the same plane of awesomeness, but JB says he hasn’t a clue what kind of yarn to buy, so flowers are easier.  And I post a picture of each flower bouquet on Facebook and sing joyous praise about my wonderful husband to any who will Read the Feed.  You just happen to get lucky enough to read about him here today without having to log onto Facebook.

The old-fashioned part of me thinks a flower vase deserves a pretty crocheted doily underneath to STUNNINGLY set it off and protect the table from any water droplets.  When I was putting away the Christmas decorations, I unearthed a large crocheted doily in one of the boxes in our basement.  A found treasure, perhaps left by the previous Mrs JB?  It is on my to-do list to wash and shape it.  You may see it soon!

Is it in bad taste to use a doily left by the previous wife?  Emily Post seems silent on this but apparently there are over 101 ways to use an abandoned wedding dress.

FYI: I plan to use the doily as doilies were historically intended, on top of tables.  

Some people like to press their flower bouquets to preserve them.  I found this article about the lost art of pressed flowers that is very sweet.  The website also has this article about refinishing a thrift store cedar chest in an inventive way.

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