One Beautiful Year

One year ago today JB took my hand and we repeated our wedding vows in a quiet ceremony. So much has happened in the last year!

I am grateful for my strong, kind, and intelligent husband, for his patience and his never ending thoughtfulness. He has an attitude towards life that creates trust and safety for me, that we can work through difficulties and talk about anything. We start this second year and new chapter in our life energized and planning a future together. I love being a christian wife and full time homemaker. It’s the best career! I hope that our home is a sanctuary from the world, a clean, calm environment that invites a peaceful spirit that can be felt by all who enter.

love heals all wounds

Creating a hope chest is so much more than picking out matching dishes and making a pretty house. It is the art of homemaking – creating the feeling of home no matter where you live.

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

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