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Lately I’ve been doing LOTS of thrift shopping for home decorations and useful things with an old fashioned flair.  Thrift stores and yard sales are so much fun to search for treasures!   It is my philosophy that second hand items are often a better choice.  They are better on the budget, better for the environment, and better emotionally for filling needs and especially wants, by patiently allowing things to show up rather than having immediate gratification of purchasing new things right now!  It’s also addicting, as JB can attest.

thrift store shopping

The other day I bought a set of deeply embossed old salad servers for $3,  In researching, I found the same set of serving spoons listed on an Etsy shop for $17, so possibly I did quite well there!  Along with the spoons I took home a lovely long wooden tray for my kitchen counter, and a tiny porcelain box with a lid to go on my bedroom dresser.  Another wonderful find (that I have oh, so patiently been searching for over many weeks) was these clear glass jars for just $3 each.  The scoops inside are little glass punch cups from 50’s and 60’s luncheon sets.  My kitchen has very little cupboard space so they are being displayed in a stoutly built bookcase turned open shelving.clear glass apothecary jars with punch cup scoops

Part of my personal hope chest, even as a 50 year old newlywed, is to appreciate and beautify the home I share with JB.  It’s a basic 70’s rambler with a no-nonsense floor plan.  We don’t plan to sell and upgrade to a newer home with a master suite and a two car garage.  And although I can dream, there is no funding to renovate our very dated kitchen with its worn linoleum flooring and falling apart cupboards.  It is up to me to make do the way it is indefinitely, with a bit of fix-it-up creativity and some paint on a thrift store budget.

DIY pan rack

Here is one of our ingenious kitchen fixes.  In the space where an upper cupboard used to reside but had long ago been torn out, JB built me this cast iron pan rack!  Where oven mitts and kitchen tools once hung on a row of cup hooks I now have space saving and convenient storage for my heaviest and most used pans. This strong rack was made with a scrap of lumber, a shelf bracket for extra support, and some heavy duty hooks.  JB spray painted the lumber and the bracket black before installation.  I absolutely love the rack and wonder why we didn’t think of creating this months ago!


kitchen update

All of the kitchen decorations are thrift store finds, including the deep 4 inch cast iron skillet that I picked up last summer for $10 at a Savers.

silk flowersMy decorating style seems to be moving toward starving college couple hand-me-downs meets retired old lady, lived in the same house her entire life, eclectic farmhouse.  But with a very chic and old fashioned feel, if that’s possible!

Last weekend I hit a jackpot of a yard sale and bought a downsizing retiree’s entire estate of silk flower arrangements and greenery for a total of $15 – a whopping two garbage bags full!  The woman running the sale said, “I just want to get it gone; would you like to take it all for $5 more?”  Thrift store silk flowers are usually pretty faded and dusty and these were clean and vibrant.  I’d say it was quite a bargain.

At the moment it looks a bit like a mortuary while I decide how to make the most of the flowers.  The greenery (the pile is not pictured but is spread out all over my living room floor) will be used in centerpieces for an upcoming family wedding.  (More on that to come!)  We are replacing the main floor bathroom cabinet.  That’s the new cabinet masquerading as an entry area buffet table, covered in said flowers and patiently waiting for installation.

Thanks for letting me share what has made me smile this last month!

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